In regard to licensing, we've worked with some of
the biggest (Proctor & Gamble/Charmin), to 24/7
networks as "DogTV", and pricing all depends on
your budget.
(and yes, we've licensed many for under $100 for
micro, or educational budgets!)

We don't sign exclusive contracts, or music buyouts,
which allows us to work with everyone in need of
well produced, and scene-specific music, so check
our catalogue, and if you find a track you like, but it
needs to be lengthened or shortened), the first two
edits or remixes are an the house!

Also, don't forget that Scott has the talent, studio,
and forty years of studio experience, so if there's a
sound you're after, but can't afford, Scott can come
scary close for far less than licensing the original.

Remember, there's no such thing as a silly question,
so feel free to call, or email for a quote or answers!