Attracted to the piano at age seven, and composing by the age of 16, Scott was
taken under the wing of singer/songwriter Maury Manseau (the Sunshine Company) at
age 20 in 1974, who would take Scott to Carpenter's songwriter John Bettis’ home to listen to
Bettis’ newest song releases. Enthralled with the craft of songwriting, Scott soon gained the
attention of Johnny Rivers’ publishing company, where he developed before meeting singer/songwriter
Alan O’Day ("Undercover Angel") at a mutual friend's birthday party, who encouraged Scott to move back to
Los Angeles from San Diego State, where he’d been attending film school.
Shortly after arriving to his native LA, Scott began writing for music publishers Edwin H. Morris and Chappell Music,
having had songs recorded by The Righteous Brothers and Crystal Gayle before the age of 24. Scott later collaborated
with the late Eddie Cochran’s fiancé & hit songwriter Sharon Sheely through 1981, and having attended the Sherwood
Oaks Recording Academy in Hollywood, Scott was employed by the Fox studios, having worked with the likes of dancer
Gene Kelly, to tv celebrites including Jenny Jones.

As a session vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player from the 70’s through the 2000’s, Scott has
performed live or in studio with notables as, Spencer Davis, Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich, Elton John guitarist
John Jorgenson, the Doors Ray Manzarek, Wings soprano sax player Thaddeus Richard, songwriters John Barlow
Jarvis & J C Crowley, Gregg Giuffria, Alice Cooper's Jimmy DeGrasso, Europe's Joey Tempest, Earth Wind & Fire's
Roland Bautista, WASP drummer & former band-mate Steve Riley, and bands including A Drop
In The Gray, Francour, Lion, Fiona, Nelson, Tierra, Squad Five-O, and music projects including TV’s The Simpsons.
In the early 90’s, Scott’s career turned to composing for film, beginning with Michael Madsen’s “Inside Edge”, which
included producing A&M artists Rosie Vela (previously produced by Steely Dan producer, Gary Katz), producing parodies
for Los Angeles radio personalities Mark & Brian, as well as composing/conducting for stage productions at The Comedy
Store, The Hollywood Playhouse, The LA Cabaret, and Hollywood award shows.

Scott has been married to Elaine Black MacLachlan (wife & business manager) since 1985. Elaine was 10 year assistant
to A & R guru, John Kalodner - John Kalodner, at Geffen records, with 10 gold & platinum albums from coordinating
numerous projects with artists as Cher, Aerosmith, Sammy Hagar, Eric Carmen,  Whitesnake, Berlin, Wang Chung, Asia,
Survivor, and dozens of other acts throughout the 80’s before moving to Warner Bros. Records, and is currently celebratng her
35th year in the record business at Disney’s Hollywood Records.
Elaine & David Geffen ~ 1990
Scott (center) at Heritage Studios Hollywood ~ 1980